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Visual Thinking serves as a blog, sketchbook, and playground for the thoughts, images, sketches, and ideas of Studio Junglecat. The project pages (navigation above) give a broad view of the Studio’s work by subject. Within the posts, you will find new projects just completed, old projects never completed, client work presented but not selected, personal projects, images and impressions from traveling the world, plus glimpses into the thinking and making that constitute all varieties of visual communication. And, of course, I’d love for you to join the conversation by leaving your comments. Enjoy!

Studio Junglecat is an independent, one-man design consultancy with a focus on design for the fine arts, music, community engagement or improvement, environmental design, small business communications, and retail/restaurant environments. Studio Junglecat partners with forward-thinking individuals and organizations to shape our collective culture and environment. Through research, strategy, exploration, and a collaborative dialogue, we can create meaningful and engaging solutions that translate into powerful and memorable experiences for your audience.

It’s your compelling story via my unique point of view. Let’s do it!

Studio Junglecat was formed in 2009 by Matt Wizinsky after working for many years in branding, retail, exhibition, and interactive design positions for companies and institutions large and small. The studio was founded on the belief that a small independent practice can be flexible and focused enough to maximize the potential for design to impact the lives and work of its clients and their audiences, customers or constituents. With an emphasis on collaboration, I enjoy nothing more than teaming up with original, innovative, visionary, provocative, stimulating, creative, and flat-out fun allies in pursuit of creating great experiences that connect people and ideas! Does this sound like you? Yeah? Then we should really talk.

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